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John Bassili

Chapter 16: Lifestyle, Stress, and Health Cultural Evolution o The law of effect Lifestyle o Unhealthy lifestyles (negative biological implications) Behaviours can be acquired and maintained by both biological and psychological factors Stress & Stressor (fight or flight response) Walter Cannon SSRS (social readjustment rating scale) standardized amount of stress involved in a # of life events o Death of spouse (100), divorce (73), marital separation (65), jail (63), close death (63), fired (47), pregnancy (40), vacation (13), Christmas (12) Video: through eyes, cortex recognizes threat and sends msg to medulla which activates hypothalamus (sends msgs down trough spinal cord which gets into the middle of the adrenal gland & pituitary gland adrenaline which increase heart rate & energy available to muscles & pituitary gland adrenal cortex cortisal) Stressful lifestyle o Coronary heart disease o Cancer o Impaired immune system o High blood pressure Biological basis of stress o Autonomic nervous system (ANS) controlled by hypothalamus o Biological response experienced as emotion o Presence of stressor signals sent to ANS and pituitary gland stimulate organs to change their normal activities) Heart rate +, bp +, blood vessels constrict, blood sugar levels +, blood flow directed towards major organs Breathing = deeper & faster, air passages dilate Digestion stops and perspiration increases Adrenal glands secrete adrenaline These changes are adaptiverep the body to deal w stressor) 2 cases stress can be Maladaptive:
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