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John Bassili

Chapter 18: The treatment of Mental Disorders Client- therapist Relationship o Talk therapy Therapeutic alliance Psychodynamic therapy Freuds psychoanalysis= basis o Insight therapy -- mental energy o Free association & dream interpretation = Freud (Therapists= detectives) o Resistance and defensiveness & transference Carl Rogers: Client- Centered therapy (warm & genuine. Make ppl feel worthy) o Therapist shows Unconditional positive regard o Is non-directive (acts as mirror support, bounces back questions) o Incongruence: Root cause 4 many probs = real self diff from ideal self Fritz Perls: Gestalt therapy (here & now, confrontational phony) o be in touch w body, mind, envio (depending on envio depending on stronger confident self) o empty chair technique: feelings towards os in the now gain better understanding of feelings by talking to themselves or inanimate objects Albert Ellis: Rational- Emotive Therapy (RET) form of cognitive therapy (thinking) o Emotional disorders caused by irrational beliefs o Simple declarative sentences (rectifying wrong thoughts) Aaron Beck: Cognitive Therapy treatment of depression o Collaborative Empiricism (give& take: listen & works w you to gather data) o Looking for biased thinking beliefs based on unwarranted evidence) correct misconceptions o Sweeping generalization, over generalize, all or nothing thinking (negative) focuses on faulty logic o Selective abstraction (depressed person focuses only on negatives & misses positives) o Guided Discovery (identify and prove error in thinking) o cognitive triad: (-) view of self, world & future Modernity vs. ancient therapies Movement that tried to make therapy more brief Consumer service report: resounding endorsement
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