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Lecture Notes for Final

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John Bassili

PSYCH Lecture 18 - Personality (Freuds Psychodynamic Theory) - psychodynamic approach name meaning psycho: psyche, dynamic: (psychicmental) energy - interplay between the three elements are important elements of self, which each person has that are always at play which determine how we thinkfeel - three elements : 1) Id (primarily unconscious, we dont understand what is happening in the id, we only understand the outcome) - the trouble maker: essentially place where all of our impulses come from, not a thoughtful entity, provides motivation to satisfy the desire for pleasure in an instinctual manner, functions on pleasure principle, (next two regulates and puts constraints on id) 2) Ego (conscious) - rational part of self, functions on reality principle 3) Superego (conscious) - think abstractly of morals and ethical considerations (how would the other person feel?) Defense Mechanisms - according to Freud, ego and superego is not completely conscious -defense mechanisms work at the level of the ego and superego; it also controls the impulses of the id, which takes energy - this interplay bw the ego superego and id which requires energy, but when one has to spend a lot of energy regulating conflicts the individual is susceptible to mental illness - when we have impulses from the id, we evoke defense mechanisms (which takes mental energy to defend itself from upsets of impulses of id) -defense mechanisms are used when there is something that might be disappointing, it cannot be accepted because it will violate moral standards so we have to fight against these urges - ex; there is an only child with that loves attention (id always wants attention) and gets it, but than the mom becomes pregnant. First born has hatred against second child, is it appropriate for the first child to say i hate jimmy and Ill kill him to solve my problem?
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