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Steve Joordens

Chapter 10 notes  intelligence is the ability to direct one’s thinking, adapt to one’s circumstances, and learn from one’s experiences  ratio IQ, which is a statistic obtained by dividing a person’s mental age by the person’s physical age and then multiplying the quotient by 100.  deviation IQ,which is a statistic obtained by dividing a person’s test score by the average test score of people in the same age group and then multiplying the quotient by 100.  s factor analysis, which is a statistical technique that explains a large number of correlations in terms of a small number of underlying factors  two-factor theory of intelligence, which suggested that every task requires a combination of a general ability (g)and skills that are specific to the task (s).  physical coordination” (the ability that allows people to swat flies and balance teacups well)  “academic skill” (the ability that allows people to understand Shakespeare and sum numbers well).  eight independent middle-level abilities: memory and learning, visual perception, auditory perception, retrieval ability, cognitive speediness, processing speed, crystallized intelligence, and fluid intelligence.  Fluid intelligence isthe ability to see abstract relationships and draw logical inferences,  crystallized intelligence is the ability to retain and use knowledge that was acquired through experience  Robert Sternberg believes there are. He suggests that there are three kinds of intelligence, which he calls analytic intelligence, creative intelligence, and practical intelligence.  Analytic intelligence is the ability to identify and defi
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