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Some studies have showed a correlation between sexual orientation and the size of which brain stucture? HYPOTHALAMUS One set of parents does everything for their child, who therefore works out none of the problems himself.Another set of parents leaves their child to figure out all of their problems on their own. Both of these children are lacking in optimal development because they are not within the ____ as coined by lev vygotsky. ZONE OF PROXIMAL DEVELOPMENT Ducklings 2-3 weeks. SENSITIVE PERIOD Alocal restauraunt serves massive portions of whatever plate is ordered. Customers UNIT BIAS Jimmys teacher thinks that he is not very creative. He is also artistic and imaginative, however his friends thing that sometimes he can be non conforming and not very down to earth. Which of the following trait would he score high in? OPENESS Factor analysis reveals….. STASTISTICAL SIMILARTIEIESAMONGAWIDE VARIETY OF ITEMS It takes in more energy then one expends. It leads to… OBESITY What is the purpose of MMPI? DISCRIMINATE BETWEEN NORMALANDABNORMAL PERSONALITY CHARACTERISTICS Research on loneliness discovers that… LONLINESS ELEVATES ILLNESS Joey went to visit his friend, whose father DISPLAY RULES Albert bandura proposed the idea that bevahiour internal personal factors and external factors interact to determine on another. Consequently a persons personality is based on these interactions. This is also known as RECIPRICOL DETERMINISM Why have individual differences been traditionally considered as noise when studying evolution? BECAUSEAN INDIVIDUAL CANNOT EFFECT THE TRAIT OF THE WHOLE POPULATION Tara just finished running half a marathon DRIVE Dr.gilroy is a psychologist who conducts research on personality. He doesn’t rely on trait terminology and his research doesn’t consider varibles such as beliefs and thoughts. He mostly focuses on how a given situation may effect how his participants will behave. Dr gilroy BEHAVIORIST Children born both deaf and blind have provided what aid to psychologists in understanding emotion? STRONG BIOLOGICAL COMPONENT Based on twin studies looking at personality, what ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS SUCH AS PARENTING Astate differs from a trait because.. STATE IS ONLYTEMPORARY PSYCHOLOGICAL ENGAGEMENT In which perspective does the role of the unconscious mind take precedence? PSYCHODYNAMIC If you hold a pencil in your mouth using your teeth without letting your lips touch it you make a fae similar to a smile which causes you to feel happier….this supports which theory of emotion? JAMES LANGE THEORY What is personality? … THE LONGESTANSWER Which controversial view of homosexuality was published byAlfred kingsley
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