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John Bassili

Monday, Jan 18, 2010 Chapter 12 Lifespan Development The Nature and Quality of Attachment Mary Ainsworth assessed how securely attached a child was. Procedure: Child goes with a parent and watch how a child explores the environment. If theyre really securely attached, the child explores the environment but still look over to the parent. If theyre insecurely attached, they wont explore the environment at all and just stick to the parent. Or walk around and not look at the parent. Then the parent leaves and when the kid realizes, they start freaking out. Thats normal, but if they dont freak out, then their parents arent giving them the attachment they need. Then the parent returns. The attached kids are relieved while the other kids just act like they said, yeah, whatever. Different types of insecure attachments* Stranger anxiety* Separation anxiety* Development of Gender Roles* If a boy likes to play with dolls, people are gonna say hes gay. But theres a difference between sexual orientation and roles you adopt as a male or female, how the stereotypical masculine or feminine you are Gender identity: ones private sense of being male or female Gender role: what your culture expects of you as a male or female
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