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Chapter 16Lifestyle Stress and HealthCultural Evolution Lifestyle Choices and ConsequencesCultural evolutionThe adaptive change of a culture to recurrent environmental pressures Is driven mainly by psychological forcesA product of human intellect and physical capacity both have strong genetic componentsPrimary agent involved in shaping lifestyleLifestylethe aggregate behaviour of a person or the way a person leads his or her lifeoway in which we interact with others the kinds of work we pursue the hobbies and personal interests we enjoy the habits we develop and the decision to marry and raise a family or remain single are characteristics of our lifestylesunlike our ancestors who learned more about creating more means of transportation growing and storing food and building homes from durable materials we do not have predominant lifestyles today we have many alternativesowe dont have to hunt for food if we dont want to we can buy it at grocery storescultural evolution has given us a much higher standard of livinghowever it has also produced threats to our health and safety owe have to worry about getting hit by cars and trucksoor worry about getting poisoned by chemicals in cleaning agentsin general our ancestors had a much simpler life and we have a more luxurious life however it is the advanced technology innovations and luxury that also kills usa healthy lifestyle can be viewed as one that ensures an individuals physical and psychological wellbeingoincludes nutritious diet regular exercise no use of tobacco moderate use of alcohol and practice of safe sexunhealthy behaviouro work against the process of natural selectionohave obvious negative biological implicationsobehaviour can be acquired and maintained by both biological and psychological factorsLaw of EffectThorndikes idea that the consequences of a behaviour determine whether it is likely to be repeatedoThis plays a powerful role in cultural evolutionoIts states that behaviours that produce favourable consequences tend to be repeated and those that produce unfavourable consequences tend not to be repeatedunfortunately many unhealthy behaviours have reinforcing consequences in the short run and damaging consequences in the long runit takes the form enjoy now suffer later ex using credit card teens smokingsocial acceptance looks cool
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