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LEC02 [Chapter 10] Language The Building Blocks of Language What are the elements that make up spoken language? Language can be broken down into elements at several levels. Concentrating on Spoken language The players talked to the fans Broken down into: (smallest to biggest)Phonemes, morphemes, words, phrases, sentences Phonemes are the smallest significant units of sound in a language Morphemes are smallest unit of meaning, brought together to make words Words become phrases and then grammar and into sentences Phonemes Smallest significant units of sound in a language How do we produce sound? In a way that we can understand Takes energy Where does it all start? In our throats, the changing columns of moving air. Producing air pressure that sends air out of the mouth. Columns of air carry sound waves, not actual waves, waves move faster Sounds are made through lips, tongue, vocal cords Differences between p and b as well as between s and z is voicing (vibration of vocal cords) Bilabial Plosives make the sounds for p & b; bilabial uses both lips are used to make the sound plosives means that theres a mini explosion. Computers now can manipulate the onset on voicing electronically
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