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Lecture notes for most classes from after midterm

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John Bassili

Lecture 18- Feb 18 What shapes personality? Things that happen to us early in years like in childhood shape who weve become. Psychodynamics psychological trauma carried on often from childhood Freuds idea the use of psychic energy to regulate our personal affairs, they way we feel about and so on. Each one of us has 3 important elements ourselves that determine what we do and how we think. 3 elements: The id: where all our personal impulsesmotivations are caused. Like if you want something you have to have it. It provides motivation to satisfy the desire for pleasure. Functions on the basis of the pleasure principle. Ex. Sexual desire, hunger. The ego: the rational part of our self. Ex. If I grab someone because Im horny Ill go to jail. Ego functions on the basis of the reality principle. Superego: Both conscious and unconscious. Based on rules and moral. Ego and superego are more conscious but not completely conscious. Consciousness is tip of the iceberg. Ego and superego stick up above water which is conscious. Then we have the narrow base composed of id thats not conscious. Using too much energy, dealing with conflict thats why its important for Freud to analyze why people act the way they do in terms of ego and superego. Define Mechanisms are used by us when something is very upsetting that cant be faced or accepted. Prior to Freud one of the reasons he was impacted was because we tended to think of people as being conscious rational beings. Repression: person with problem pushes back to unconsciousness. Taking it out of your mind. Repression takes energy. When you repress really heavy things then they can lead to mental problems later on in life. Ex. Kid jealous of other kid, he then says no Im okay Im not jealous, hes okay. Reaction Formation: Essentially flipping the feeling we have in our head. Ex. Trying to make the issue positive. Theres still intensity and such but now its more positive. Projection: where individual takes his or her negative feelings and projects them on someone else. Sublimation: take energy that comes from conflict and spend it on other activities. Rationalization: when we find good reasons for what we do and how we feel. Happens after the fact. Ex. You accidently trip someone, you tell them sorry. This is rationalizing after the fact. Conversion: Conflict converts into often a thing of manifestation. Ex. Think of first born realizing every time he has headache parents pay attention to him and ignore other child. Then they start doing it that sometimes they dont know whether the headache is real or not. Freud believed that individuals go through psychosexual development. His theory states that individual gets gratification through various sensations.. Ex. Sucking on bottle (this is oral stage). Then its pooing, feels good then relieve after (this is
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