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Steve Joordens

Psychology part 2 final textbook notes chapter 14 The psychodynamic approachpsychodynamica term used to describe the Freudian notion that the mind is in a state of conflict among instrincts reason and conciencethe development of freuds theory unconciousthe inaccessible part of the mindstructures of the mind ID Ego and superegoidthe unconcious reservoir of libido the psychich energy that fuels instics and psychic processeslibidoan insistent instintual force that is unresponsive to the demands of reality the primary source of motivationpleasure principlethe rule the id obeys obtain immediate gratification whatever form it may takeegothe go also serves as the general manager of personality making decisions regarding the pleasures that will be pursued at the ids demand the persons safety requirements and the moral dictates of the superego that will be followedreality principlethe tendency to satisfy the ids demands realistcally which almost always involves compromising the demands of the id and superegosuperegothe repository of an individuals moral values divided into the consciencethe internalization of societys rules and regulationsand the egoidealthe internalization of ones goalsconsciencethe internalization of the rules and restrictions of society it determines which behaviours are permissible and punishes wrongdoing with feelings of guiltegoidealthe internalization of what a person would like to behis or her goals and ambitionsinternalized prohibitionsrules of behaviour learned in childhood that protect the person from the guilt he or she would feel if instinctual drives were allowed to express themselvesmanifest contentthe apparent storyline of a dreamlatent contentthe hidden message of a dream produced by the unconciousfree associationa method of freudian analysis in which an indiv is asked to relax clear his or her mind of current thoughts and then report all thoughts images perceptions and feelings that came to mindDefence mechanismsdefence mechanismsmental systems that become active whenever unconcious instinctual drives of the id come into conflict with the internalized prohibitions of the superegorepressionthe mental force responsible for actively keeping potentially threatning or anxietyprovoking memories from being consciously discoveredreaction formationa defence mechanism that involves behaving in a way that is the opposite of how one really feels because the true feelings produce anxietyprojection a def mech in which ones unacceptable behaviours or thoughts are attributed to someone elsesublimationa def mech that involves redirecting pleasure seeking or aggressive instincts toward socially acceptable goals diverting sex drive to artrationalizationjustifies an unacceptable action with a more acceptable but false excuse buy porn say u like reading article and not looking at boobiesconversioninvolves converting an intrapsychic conflict into a physical form such as blindness deafness paralysis or numbnessFreuds psychosexual theory of personality devMany psychosexual stages of devstages that involve seeking pleasure from specific parts of the body called erogenous zonesfixationthe continue attachement of psychic energy to an erogenous zone due to incomplete passage through one of the psychosex stagesoral stagefirst of freuds psychosex stages during which the mouth is the major erogenous zone due to reduction of the hunger driveanal stage2nd of freuds psychosex stages during which the primary erogenous zone is the anus due to pleasured derived from vacating a full bowelphallic stage3rd stage During this stage the primary erogenous zone is the genital area and pleasure derives from both direct genital stimulation and general physical contactat this stage girls want their dads and boys want their mumsthey also imitate their samesex parentslatency periodthe period between the phallic stage and the genital stage during which sexual urges are submergedgenital stagefinal stage of freuds psychosex theory from puberty through adolescence During this stage the adolescent develops adult sexual desiresFuther dev of freuds theoryThe neofreudianscarl junglibido is a positive force that promotes growthid ego superego AND collective unconcious form the core of personalitycollective unconciousaccording to jung the part of the unconcious that contains memories and ideas inherited from our acestors over the course of evolutionAssassins creedarchetypesuniversal thought forms and patterns that jung believe resided in the collective unconciousAlfred Adlerfeelings of inferiority play an important part in personality devstriving for superioritythe motivation to acheives ones potential Adler argued that striving for superiority is born from out need to compensate for our inferioritysocial interestdesire contribute to societyKaren Horney indivs suffer from anxiety caused by insercurites in relationshipsThree oprions to deal with basic anxiety Moving toward othersAccept the situation and become dependant on others This may entail an exagerated desire for approval or affectionmoving against othersresist the situation and become aggressive This strategy may involve an exaggerated need for power exploitation of other recognition or achievementmoving away from othersWithdraw from others and become isolated This strategy may involve an exaggerated need for selfsufficiency privacy or independence
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