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David Nussbaum

Chapter 12 Abstract 1. Presented on the second page following the title page 2. Comes at the beginning of the paper 3. Last section the author writes 4. Brief paragraph, no more than 120 words a. States what was done to whome and the major results or findings 5. Parallels the structure and organization of the paper 6. Begin with a sentence or two that summarizes the introduction a. Followed by a sentence or two for the method i. Then the results 1. Then discussion APA format 1. American Psychological Association format 2. Blueprint for report writing Discussion 1. Evaluate and interpret the implications of your results a. Particularly in relation to the original hypothesis 2. Content a. Does results support hypothesis i. If not, provide reasons why not b. Sources of potential bias and other threats to internal and external validity c. Account for imprecision of measurements d. Take into account the number of tests used and the extent to which they overlp or are redundant e. Concludes with i. Commentary on the meaning and importance of findings ii. Extent to which any real life applications are warranted on basis of research iii. Introduction 1. Describe what the plan is and the reason the study needs to be done 2. Provide a theoretical description of the research question or principal problem 3. Initial statement that is both general and nontechnical a. Leads to a more specific description of the key phenomenon under study i. Present a simple example used in previous research 1. Draw connections with previous research a. Elaborate on the meaning of previous studies i. State how it is planned to study what is being studied 1. Present main hypothesis
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