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University of Toronto Scarborough
Connie Boudens

Psychology Lab Methods in Behavioural Research: Cozby. Survey Research. CHAPTER 7. Goal is to ask people about themselves. Attitudesbeliefs. Provides us with methodology to ask of them. Surveys can be used for public policy services. Study relationships btwn Variables such as attitudesemotional statesself-reports statements come into play. Survey research complement to experimental research and multiple methods are needed to understand behaviours. Response set take into interest the bias of people as they answer to see the tendency to respond to questions from one perspective. Social desirability is the reason. Conduct questions to Ask Defining Research objectives: through attitude and belief changesfacts and demographicsbehaviourssimplicity Question wording: a) unfamiliar technical terms b) vague terminology c) ungrammatical sentence structure d) phrasing overloads working memory e) embedded question with misleading information. Avoid double barreled questions (asking two things at once), loaded questions, negative wording, yea sayingney saying- may be agreeing with you are saying. Responses to Questions Closed VersusOpen ended questions: o CV = with multiple choice and OE = is open ended. Response alternatives Strongly agree to strongly disagree. Rating scales to Graphic Rating Scales. (end points label extremes- graphic has checks measured on a line). Semantics Differential Scale (is any concept respondents rate from persons, objects, beh. Etc using bipolar adjectives on a 7point scale). Nonverbal Scales for Children. (happy faces) www.notesolution.com
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