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Dwayne Pare

Practise 4. A researcher is interested in examining voting behavior of individuals in a small town. He contacted those eligible to vote to set up interviews with them to ask a series of questions. Of the people living in the town 7000 are eligible to vote. The interviewer contacted 5000 individuals; 70% of those contacted agreed to interview with the researcher. a. What is the population of interest to the researcher (how many individuals)? 5000 b. What is the sample of interest to the researcher (how many individuals)? 70%/100=0.7 0.7x5000=3500 5. After collecting the data, the researcher compared the responses of males and females on the following information: employment status (employed vs. unemployed), salary, age and number of times voted in the past 8 years (all individuals were eligible to vote for at least 8 years). a. What are the independent and dependent variables? Independent: -Age, Gender Dependent: -Employment status, Salary, # of times voted in past 8 years b. Identify continuous and discrete variables? Continuous:-Salary, Age Discrete: -Gender, Employment status, #of times voted in past 8 years c. Identify the measurement and categorical data? Measurement:-Age, Salary, # of times voted in past 8 years Categorical:-Gender, Employment status 6. In an attempt to simplify the data, the researcher divided the groups based on age in to younger and older individuals and comp
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