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AFTER MIDTERM EXAM NOTESREGRESSION AND CORRELATIONRelation between Two VariablesRegression and Correlation In both cases y is a random variable beyond the control of the experimenter In the case of correlation x is also a random variable In the case of regression x is treated as a fixed variable As if there is no sampling error in xRegression you are wishing to predict the value y on the basis of the value of xhow change are we to expect with a change in 1 variableto put into units of measurementie predicting final mark based on midterm markCorrelation you are wishing to express the degree of the relation between x and ylike the phi coefficientdegree of relation between the two variableshow goodhow much error in the predictionif x and y are unrelated the best predictor of y is the mean of yyou have to look for something that minimizes the errorScatter PlotX axis abscissapredictor variableY axis ordinatecriterion variableExample GPA vs statistic markPositiveNegativePerfectNonelinear relationship always but there are non relationship forms of regression and correlationthe denomination of positive negative etc has nothing to do with the quality of the relationPositivechanges in one variable leads tochange in second variable
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