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Elizabeth Page- Gould

Lecture 3 Notes PSYB10 The Selfa concept: -the self: an individual consciousness of ones own identity -your feelings, observations, and thoughts about how you perceive yourself -does the self exist? Are we aware of it? an awareness of the self as a distinct entity that is separate from others -you are not other people, there is something unique about you, you are not part of the environment like a tree or a rock The Mark testRouge test: -when you look in a mirror, do you recognize that the other person is you? Or another human being -people that are unaware of self, think that when they are looking in the mirror they are looking at a second human -people that are self-aware, know its them -infants can pass this test as well -not just humans can pass this test Parameters of Mark test: -paint is applied to infants cheek as they are asleep, then they are woken up and taken to another room with a mirror. -test: does the baby reach for the other baby that it sees in the mirror? Or does it touch its own cheek, showing self-awarneness? Video: -kid pointing to their own painted cheek, then they show self-awareness -prior to one years old, kids are not self-aware
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