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PSYB10H1 – EXAM 1 STUDY NOTES (Note that Lecture 1 is not included)

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Elizabeth Page- Gould

PSYB10H1EXAM STUDY NOTES Lecture 2The Self and Self RegulationThe selfAn individual consciousness of ones own identity which includes feelings observations and thoughts o Only primates have the ability to think of the selfSelf awarenessawareness of the self as an entity that is distinct from others and the environment o Idea that when people focus their attention on themselves they evaluate and compare their behavior with internal standards value we become self conscious judgemental observers of yourselfo Tested with the mark test rough testLevel of the self o Minimal selfconscious experience of the self as distinct from the environmentcomes from sensory dualism touch both you hands together but hen when you touch something else you dont feel it o Objectified selfcognitive capacity to serve as the object of ones own or others attentionI can reflect on the environment o Symbolic self narrative selfability to form an abstract mental representation of oneself through language developing ideas of what you are a life storyself is inherently socialSelf schemao Cognitive representation of the selfconceptSet of expectation we have about the world or selfFrom past experienceevidence basedGuides processing of self related informationMeasuring the self concept o Twenty statement test o I am kind funny caringpersonality description behavior or traits o I am a parent a professorsocial roles relative to other peopleSelf complexity o The depth and complexity of your self concept o Operationalized as the number of distinct aspects used to define the self conceptie kind nice friend are the same thing and not as complex compared to being kind studious different and more complexthe more distinct things the more complex one conceptMeasuring selfschemaimplicit personality test o Markus o Paper and timertrait on screen time how long it takes for one to separate trait that are me or not me o Three catgoriesindependents aschematics dependentThose who are dependent takes more time to pick me traitThose who are independent takes more time to pick not me traitGlobal vs Contextualized self o Global self conceptI AM ALWAYS describe you no matter what PSYB10H1EXAM STUDY NOTES o Contextualized selfI AMwhen this addes something to qualify the cause predicts behavior better Buffers negative feelings after failure because you have this idea in you mind that yourself varies so the when aspect means you are a certain way in specific situationWorking SelfConcept o A subset of your selfconcept that is presently accessible o What goes in the working self concept Recently primed aspect of selfContextually distinctive aspectcentral aspects of selfimportant things that are to you are the things that are chronically accessibleo Self concept centralitySome aspects of the self concept are more personally important to you than othersCentral aspectsa re chronically accessible in semantic networkMeasuring self concept centralityMeasure the word closest to ME in a CIRCULE with words around it closer it is the more it describe touSelfconcept centrality o Interesting consequencesSelfEvaluative MaintenancePeople tend to be threatened when someone close tothem outperforms them in a domain that is central to the SelfConcept but not for noncentral traitsIf domain is central to the SelfConcepto Distance Self from relationship o Distance Self from task domainIf domain is not central to SelfConcept o Vicarious selfesteem boost o Magnitude of selfesteem boost proportionalto closeness of relationshipSelfHandicappingStrategy to buffer the self from an anticipated failure or embarrassment by undermining ones own performance ShepperdArkin 1989 Asked students to do a test that either o Diagnostic conditionpredictive of future success o Invalid Conditionnot predictive of future successo Ask them to chose tape that either help or worsen their performance o Resultinvalid test they would choose the green one while the diagnostic condition testers chose the red oneSelfVericationThe need to seek conrmation of ones Selfconcept
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