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PSYB10 M IDTERM 2 Version 1 DO NOT TURN THIS PAGE UNTILYOUARE INSTRUCTED TO DO SO! IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Before you begin, you must completely bubble in your 9-digit student ID number in the “Identification Number” section on your scantron sheet, your first name, and your last name, or your exam will not be counted. 2. Under the “Special Codes” section to the right of the “Identification Number” section, you must bubble in a “1” to indicate that you have Version 1. If you do not complete this section, your exam will not be counted. 3. There are 7 pages of questions labelled 1 through 7 in the upper right hand corner. Immediately when you are told to begin, make sure you have each of the pages labelled 1 - 7. If you are missing any of the pages labelled 1 - 7, then alert an invigilator now to get a new exam. 4. Only the scantron sheet will be scored.Answers that are written in this test booklet but not transfered to the scantron sheet will not be considered valid. Page 1 Multiple Choice (3 points each) Directions: Read each question below and decide on the correct answer choice. On your scantron sheet, completely fill in the bubble that corresponds to your answer choice. 1. According to interdependence theory, what factors lead to high commitment? A. High satisfaction, low quality of alternatives, high investment B. High satisfaction, high quality of alternatives, low investment C. High satisfaction, low quality of alternatives, low investment D. High satisfaction, high quality of alternatives, high investment E. Low satisfaction, low quality of alternatives, high investment 2. Kathy paints her face blue and silver, dons a silver wig, and goes to a big football game. During the game, she engages in stamping and rhythmic clapping with others. At the end of the game, many people charge the field and trample some people to death. Kathy personally trampled at least two people. What social psychology phenomenon can explain this behaviour? A. Deindividuation B. Social Norms C. Social Facilitation D. Group Polarization E. Tragedy of the Commons 3. From what you know about liking, why should the 494 students in PSYB10 like Prof. Page-Gould more after each lecture? A. Similarity B. Mere-exposure C. Propinquity D. Reciprocity E. Scarcity 4. The psychology department calls together a task force on the curriculum for specialist in psychology. John Bassili, a strong and directive leader, heads the task force team, which is comprised of Profs. Page-Gould, Inzlicht, Dion, and Fournier (all social and personality psychology faculty). Prof. Bassili emphasizes that it is important for the group to all agree on the final outcome. The group meets multiple times for hours, such that all members are highly invested in the group. Prof. Page-Gould repeatedly censures any professors that offer suggestions that diverge from the group's general orientation. The professors all believe that they have the moral high-ground when it comes to choosing the best curriculum, because they fought their way up the academic ladder and, by golly, they know what a curriculum should be. They do not solicit any other departments to ask about standard curriculum for psychology specialists, because they assume that no other institution can be as elite as U of T. The final curriculum proposed is comprised almost exclusively of social psychology courses, and cognitive faculty in the department complain to the Dean. After investigating the situation, the Dean concludes that there was some serious Group Think at play. Prof. Bassili has to defend the group against this accusation. Which of the following characteristics of the situation can Prof. Bassili use to argue that the group was NOT influenced by Group Think? A. Intense time investment of the group members B. Prof. Page-Gould's role as the mindguard C. Not soliciting other departments for example curricula D. The belief among group members that they know what is correct E. The cohesiveness of the faculty's areas of research Page 2 5. Jack and Thuy have been best friends since they were little kids. They grew up as next door neighbors, both loved to play soccer and video games, and are both a little lazy. They ended up going to the same high school and university, because they didn't want to be separated. Although they are both heterosexual and male and female, they do not have romantic feelings for each other. All the same, their friendship is intensely strong, and they expect that they will always be best friends. Given what you know about self-expansion and close relationships, what can you assume about Jack? A. He is slightly slower to say that "lazy" describes him than he is to say "Soccer Player " describes him B. He associates women with his sense of self C. He will eventually distance himself from Thuy when he forms a new romantic relationship D. It takes him a long time to say "soccer player" is non-self descriptive E. He would not explicitly endorse the trait of "lazy" as being self-descriptive 6. According to the two-factor theory of emotion, what are the two steps that lead to the experience of emotion? A. Arousal then Appraisal B. Appraisal then Arousal C. Action then Appraisal D. Appraisal then Action E. Action then Arousal 7. According to the James-Lange Theory of emotion, why does a caveman become afraid when he is confronted by a bear? A. The caveman becomes aroused by the bear B. Because bears are scary, yo! C. Seeing the bear increases generalized stress D. Because the caveman knows that he should be afraid of the bear E. The caveman does not feel a specific fear pattern 8. Which of the following is not one of the 6 basic emotions? A. Surprise B. Anger C. Happiness D. Disgust E. Hate 9. Which of the following cultural proverbs is supported by the propinquity effect? A. Opposites attract B. Birds of a feather flock together C. Absence makes the heart grow fonder D. To know her is to love her E. Out of sight equals out of mind 10. Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax, NS is a prominent university that was historically only for women. In 1967, men were admitted as students for the first time. Imagine it is 1967, and you are a man who wants to go to university to find a well-educated wife. Beyond academic choice, what social process explains why it would be a good idea for you to attend Mount Saint V incent to find a wife? A. Scarcity B. Propinquity C. Reproductive Investment D. Quality of Alternatives E. Reciprocity Page 3 11. The vigilance for and focus on rejection among people who are high in rejection sensitivity represents a key aspect of which adult attachment style? A. Dismissive Avoidant B. Fearful Avoidant C. Disorganized D. Anxious-Ambivalent E. Secure 12. Dissent: A. Impacts behaviour through implicit social influence B. Explicitly impacts behaviour C. Is an inevitable consequence of social groups D. Occurs when all members of a group band behind a scandalous concept E. Alters behaviour through public compliance 13. Homosexuality in animals is: A. Something that affects the overall polygamous or monogamous orientation of the species B. Associated with a disproportionate number of males in a population C. A partnership formed for the purpose of reproduction D. Seen only among higher-order mammals like primates E. Associated with a disproportionate number of females in a population 14. You are a typical participant in a study on the relationship-protecting properties of positive illusions. After reading a fake article from Psychology Today that arguments strengthen relationships, how do you view your partner? A. As a gentle person B. Better than you view yourself C. Better than your partner views himself/herself D. As a person who enjoys a good fight E. Your idealized belief that your partner does not initiate fights is maintained in the face of this "news" 15. Jordan and Modupe go to Canada's Wonderland for a first date. After even the first few minutes, Jordan is pretty sure that he doesn't want a second date with Modupe. What should Jordan do to minimize the likelihood that Modupe will be attracted to him? A. Get dropped from 230 ft in the sky by riding the Drop Tower B. Make a lot of eye contact C. Go for a relaxing boat ride on Swan Lake D. Get Modupe to pay for all their snacks and drinks E. Go for a ride on the Behemoth roller coaster 16. The anti-smoking ad on the right says, "Being a waitress is not a crime ... it shouldn't carry the death penalty. Restaurants, bars, pool and bingo halls: They are workplaces. Why aren't they completely smoke-free? Everybody deserves a smoke-free space." How does this anti-smoking ad work? A. Moralization B. Mere-Exposure C. Door-in-the-Face D. Social Proof E. Contagion Page 4 17. Dr. Khatib conducts a study where he makes people very angry while they are connected to physiological measurement equipment. First, the participants are strapped into a chair and connected to the physiological devices. During this time, the experimenter is very rude to the participants. The key manipulation comes when an hour has passed, and the study is only supposed to be one hour long. In total, participants are kept 1 hour and 45 minutes, and the experimenter not only doesn't listen to the participants' demands to leave, but also treats them very rudely the entire time and acts as if their time is not valued. The data that come out of this are beautiful: The angrier participants are, the greater an increase in blood pressure, heart rate, strength of the heart beat,
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