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Elizabeth Page- Gould

Chameleon EffectThe PerceptionBehaviour Link and Social Interaction D CHAMELEON EFFECTnonconsc mimicry copying of postures mannerismhabitual gesturesways of speakingbehaving facial expressionsother behavrs of ones interaction partners st there is passiveunintentional changes to ones behavr to match that of others in ones current soc envirnmtunderlying mchsmperceptionbehaviour linkonly having preceived some1 elsess beahvr automatically incrs probab of u doing that behavr urself 3 Experimentsfindings1 motor behavr of subjs unintentionally was consistent w that of stranges that they worked w on task 2 subjs had their movementsposture mimiced by confeds showing that mimicry a helps to smoothenwout harshnessbittnerness interaction b incring liking bween interacting partners3 inherently emphatic individuals show chameleon effecto greater degree than do other pplp11Chameleon effectIS passive direct unintended effect of soc perception on soc behavr does not seem to be in service of any recog purpose IS NOT intentionalimplication bc of the existence of this it is likely that many imitationmimicry effects in humans are unintentional 2manifestation common experience u discover that u copy accent speech patternseven behavl mannerisms of ur person ur interacting wways of noticing ex u start using the weird verbal expressions or have same speech tone intonation as friend ex u cross ur legs when sitting down while talking to some1 else who has their legs crossedcommonality for ALL cases of this effect person does not notice these things until after it has happenedPERCEIVING IS FOR DOINGThe PerceptionBehaviour Link1 1James 1890D IDEOMOTOR ACTIONjust thinking about beahvr incrs tendency to do that behavr Berkowitz 1984 thry violence protrayed in mass media incrs likelihood of agression in viewer uses ideomotor axn to explain what is going on in persons head a activation spreads automatically in mem of aggressive ideas of viewer Ex repions of preceived violent acts b this spreading activation automatically results in viewer behaving in more aggressive way 22Carver et al 1983 2 key schemas that ppl usea INTEPRETIVE SCHEMAfor preceivinginterpreting behavrsb BEHAVIOURAL SCHEMAfor proding behavrs
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