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Ella Daniel

Chapter 3 Quiz1Babies born more than six weeks early commonly havearespiratory distress syndromebchromosomal disorderscRh factor incompatibilitydbreech deliveries2Marie a single mother who is four months pregnant has not yet sought prenatal care due to the difficulty of getting time off work and a lack of health insurance This is an example of anbarrierapersonalbsocialcenvironmentaldsituational3According to the Kauai study what impact does birth trauma have on childrens later developmentaChildren with mild to moderate birth trauma tend to score 10 to 15 points lower on IQ tests than children without a history of traumabSevere birth trauma results in longterm difficulties that cannot be overcomecSupportive home environments can overcome the longterm difficulties that frequently result from severe birth traumadEven mild birth trauma results in longterm physical and cognitive difficulties regardless of home environment4Two Apgar scores are given becauseasome babies have trouble adjusting at first but do quite well after a few minutesbnurses often make errors during the first administrationceach score of 0 to 5 is combined to give an overall score of 0 to 10done is given by each medical attendant at the delivery5At birthathe average newborn is 23 inches long and 6 poundsbthe trunk is large in comparison to the headcgirls tend to be slightly heavier than boysdboys tend to be slightly longer than girls6Women who delay having children until their thirties or fortiesaare less likely than younger women to have miscarriagesbhave an increased risk of infertilitycare 50 percent more likely to have a child with Down syndrome than women in their twentiesdare less likely than younger women to have twins7Emotional stress during pregnancy can place the baby at risk because itaincreases electrical and chemical activity in the brain of the fetus thereby interfering with the transfer of messages f
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