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Ella Daniel

Chapter 8 Quiz1Providing children with assignments and activities that include choices and that have more than one acceptable answerahelps children find what they love to dobencourages tolerance of ambiguitycencourages sensible risktakingdmodels creative thinking2Studies show that highly creative childrenausually have overly ambitious driving parentsbtend to be tolerant of ambiguitycare motivated most by extrinsic rewardsdoften suffer from extremely low selfesteem3While previous approaches were too narrow to predict realworld creative works thetheory of creativity recognizes a variety of factors necessary for creative accomplishmentathreestratumbtriarchiccpsychometricdinvestment4Research on differences in general intelligence among American children supports the assertion thatathe difference between scores of black and white children has been shrinking over the past several decadesbblack children score on average 5 points below white children on IQ testscHispanic children score lower than both black and white children on IQ testsdwhen black and white children are matched on SES levels the IQ gap disappears5Which of the following statements is supported by research on IQaBy age 2 IQ is a valid predictor of academic achievementbPractical intelligence predicts onthejob performance at least as well as IQcIQ correlates best with achievement in concrete subjects such as history and foreign languagedChildhood IQ is unrelated to occupational attainment6Practical intellig
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