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Ella Daniel

Chapter 11 Quiz1Most children have formed basic concepts of race and ethnicity by agein that they can identify pictures dolls and people as black or whitea3 or 4b5 or 6c7 or 8d9 or 102In US schools todaystudents are the most ethnically isolated group with aboutpercent of their schools student body being the same raceablack 70bblack 95cHispanic 85dwhite 803Children who are generally able to absorb prevailing societal attitudes tend toarefrain from making status assessments when they have ambiguous informationbignore perceptually distinct attributes in making social group classificationschave a difficult time distinguishing rich from poor on the basis of physical characteristicsdassociate power and privilege with white people and poverty and inferior status with people of color4Research on bias and prejudice among young children in diverse Western nations revealed thatawhite children almost always discriminated against other racial groups regardless of how much contact they had with thembethnic minority children showed a pattern of outgroup favoritismcoutgroup prejudice emerges before ingroup favoritismdethnic minority children showed a pattern of ingroup favoritism5While lining up for recess sixyearold Nicole unintentionally bumps into her classmate Cynthia Cynthia responds by punching Nicole in the arm Cynthias reaction suggests that sheaattends selectively to social cuesbis afraid of Nicolechas unbiased social expectationsddoes not know the difference between right and wrong6During the early school years social problem solvingais deficient in most childrenbis directed exclusively toward the childs own needs rather than toward the mutual needs
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