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Ella Daniel

Chapter 12 Quiz1Justin adheres to the Golden Rule appreciates social harmony and wants to be known as a good person According to Kohlbergs theory Justin is reasoning at thelevelaconventionalbpostconventionalcconcretedpreconventional2Piaget regarded peer disagreements as especially beneficial to childrens understanding of morality because such conflicts show thatachildren need to look to their elders to settle their disputes and conflictsbintentions not consequences should be used to judge behaviorcrules are norms that are fixed external features of a societys realitydperspectives rarely differ among individuals with close relationships3In Kohlbergs theory when given a choice between obeying the law and preserving individual rights the most advanced moral thinkersasupport individual rightsbsupport obeying the lawcrely on religious explanations for their decisiondargue the importance of obeying the law while also supporting individual rights4For the most part moral reasoning advances in late adolescence and early adulthoodamore quickly among males than femalesbat a much faster rate for those with strong religious affiliationconly as long as a person remains in schooldat a constant pace across a wide variety of social circumstances5Addison believes that each member of society has a personal duty to uphold the law because laws are vital for ensuring societal order and cooperation between individuals Addison is reasoning at Kohlbergslevelaconventionalbpreconventionalcpostconventionaldconcrete6Children who are involved with a religious community are less likely toasocialize with peers outside of that communitybreason at Kohlbergs preconventional levelcreport trusting relationships with parentsduse drugs and alcohol7Children and adolescents whohave a greater sense of civic res
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