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Michael Inzlicht

PSY 341H1S, L5101 PSYCHOPATHOLOGIES OF CHILDHOOD Course Outline, Summer 2013 Instructor: Dr. Hywel Morgan; (email) [email protected] Teaching Assistants: Maria Chaparro; (email) [email protected] Robin Nguyen; (email) [email protected] Class Meeting: MW 6-9pm; SS Room 1073 _____________________________________________________________________________ _ This course will consider issues in behavior disorders of childhood and adolescence including etiology, classification and assessment. Contributions from both theoretical and clinical perspectives to the understanding of developmental psychopathology will be considered. The course will be divided into 5 parts: 1) basic issues, 2) methods of evaluation, 3) clinical syndromes of infancy and early childhood, 4) clinical syndromes of middle childhood, 5) clinical syndromes of adolescence. Lectures willbe 3 hours long, supplemented with filmpresentations. _____________________________________________________________________________ _ Text: Wicks-Nelson, R. & Israel, A.C. (2013) Abnormal Child and Adolescent Psychology, 8/e. Prentice Hall: Upper Saddle River, New Jersey. This comprehensive, research-based introduction to childhood behavior disorders presents a sensitive and thorough examination of the field—covering its central issues, theoretical and methodological underpinnings, descriptions and discussions of numerous disorders, clinical and research information, and treatment approaches. Rich with illustrations and examples, it highlights the newest areas of research and clinical work within the various disorders; stresses empirically supported treatments and the prevention of behavior problems; and keeps students on top of current social concerns, including the effects of child abuse and divorce on children. Evaluation: The grade for the course will be based on two exams and three short written assignments: _______________________________________________ • Mid-term exam (1½ hrs), July 17 (35%) • Final exam (TBA) (50%) • One page assignment (3 x 5% each) (15%) _______________________________________________ Important Dates: July 3 - First day of class. July 8 - Last day to add this course to your schedule. July 17 - Examination timetable posted for this course. July 29 - Last date to drop this course without academic penalty. August 5 - Civic holiday; University closed. August 12 - Allcourse work must be submitted. August 13-16 Final Exams. Outline: Lecture Readings Video PART 1 July 3 Introduction Ch. 1 Behavior Disorders of Childhood (60 mins) July 8 Developmental Psych Ch. 2, 3 The Developing Child (30 mins) PART 2 Psychological Hazards in Infancy July 10 Classification & (25 mins) assessment Ch. 5 July 15 Methods of evaluation & intervention Ch. 5 (con’t) July 17 MID-TERM EXAM Intro to clinical syndromes (DSM-4) PART 3 July 22 Autism & schizophrenia Ch. 12 Behavioral Treatment of Autistic Children (60 mins) Additional reading: Gillberg & Ehlers (1998). High functioning people with autism and Asperger syndrome, in Current Issues in Autism PART 4 July 24 Attention deficit disorder Ch. 9 Help! This Kid is Driving me Crazy. Mental retardation Ch. 11 (30 mins) Additional reading: Johnestone, et al. (2012). Neurocognitive training for children with and without AD/HD, in Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorders July 29 Conduct disorder Ch. 8 The Trouble with Evan (2 hrs.) July 31 Conduct disorder (con’t) The Columbine Tragedy (CBS 48 Hours) (160 mins) Additional reading: Hill (2005). Conduct disorders, in Psychiatry Aug 5 CIVIC HOLIDAY PART 5 Aug 7 Disorders of adolescence & Drug Abuse Ch. 15 Black Tar Heroin (America Undercover) (60 mins) Additional reading: Darke (2011). The mid to late teens: commencing heroin use. in the Life of the Heroin User Aug 12 Mood disorders
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