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Marc A Fournier

PSYB30 Lecture 1 Freudpsychoanalytic theory exams50 questions25 from lec and 25 from text personalitylearn about individual brings subdisciplines togetherunifies themalways at heart of disciplineknowledge brokerrelays findings and theories in one subfield of psychology into findings and theories of another subfieldtransfershare info Goal to describe and explain individual differences How can we describe ways in which one individual is different than otherwhat are the origins and consequences Personality differences bn individuals are SIGNIFICANTa lot The differences bn us individuals in terms of our personalities are as consequential as any other kind of difference including SES cognitive ability differences diff in sociability negative emotionstendencies to engage in hard workdifferentially impact our need for psychotherapywhether well benefit from it or not likelihood 4 marriagedivorce how long well live and how happy well be while living personality differences r IMPORTANT Ex freuds theoryshows a strong scientific theory of personalityscientific study of the person evolution impactedchanged our social and emotional characteristicstwo evolved behavioural systems that govern human behaviourAttachment and Social Rank Systemevolutionfoundation for human psychological design but on TOP of thatculture lays a large structurerole of societyculture in shaping contemporary personalitysocialization processes especially Gender Differences 3 levels of personality descriptionslevels by Dan Mc Adamseach talk about what is it we know when we know a person Dan Mc Adamsas we get to know a person we learn more and more info about them and their personality First level Level of Personality Traits broad consistencies that we see in how ppl thinkfeelactanswering the question what we know personality traits tell us about ppl at first acquaintancewhen we first meet someone first thing we learn about them are their personality traitsPSYCHOLOGY OF STRANGERfirst attributes we learn as were beg to know themhow personality traits r preservedevolvedthese traits r extremely consequentialcan be assessed very reliably in a very short period of timeand knowing the traits which we can learn under 10 min we can predict many things such as marriage divorce occupation and educational attainment and mortalityimp sources of individual differencespersonality traitsoutline of a personwe get a sketch of the individualNOT the whole of who we are
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