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PSYB30 Lecture 7 personality trait is the first thing we notice when we meet someone zero acquaintance wut personality traits can u see from a person after meeting them for a few seconds win even 10 seconds we can reliably estimate some broad personality traits of a person and from a 510 sec behaviour we can predict other aspects of a persons functioningPsychology of the strangermost superficial attributes personality traits can reliably predict life outcomes marital success divorce rates health issues happiness mortalityHIGHER than other variables like SES personality traits represent the first level but they are good at predictability valid Trait 2 meanings a refers to any consistency or regularity in cognition thinking affect feeling or behaviour acting of an individual we are not entirely variablewe have consistencies Ex A conscientious personreliable hardworkingconsistent across a range of situations specific attribute of a person b refers to teh variation in the population w respect to a given characteristic Ex Extroversionmay not refer to a single person win a populationrange of ppl that are extroverted and others are introverted it describes the range of variation in ppl extroversion is correlated w confidence range of variation in population such that some ppl are more confident and more extroverted than others and these two sources of variation are related such that ppl that are more confident are also extroverted Gordon AllportFather of Personality Psychologyfist introduced idea of personality trait wrote the first text book of personality psychology in 1937 Raymond Cattellintroduced statistical procedure of factor analysishow to reduce the large number of trait terms to a smaller taximetrics structure Walter Mischellate 1960sintroduced a problem and then came up w a solution to the paradigm crisis AllportCattellBig Five Allports Definition of Personality personalitydynamic organization reductionistbreak down complex phenomenon personality into simpler unitsmechanisms like traitsmotive personality is a coherent and unified WHOLEintegratedorganized into a dynamic systemtheorieshypothetical conceptsAllport disagreedPersonality is REALexists win the individual not abstracthypothetical concept
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