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PSYB30Lecture 2 correspondence rulesstatementslead to hypotheses some theories are better than others 7 widely accepted criteria that are important for theories coherent testableempirically valid comprehensiveparsimonious usefulgenerative 1 We want our theory to be coherentlogicalat the very leastneeds to be internal consistency win the theorythe statement shouldnt contradict itselfshould hang together 2 We want theories to be testableshould give rise to hypotheses that are clearly falsifiablebut some theories are more testable than othersex Freuds psychoanalytic theoryNOT testable lacks it although its comprehensive Theory should tell us what we should look for in the world to prove the theory true or falseshould be tested 3 We want our theories to be consistent w the data we have collected or will collect in futureempirically valideither known or acquired dataNEED them to be consistent or need to revise the theory 4 Comprehensiveness explanation scope of a theory Some theories will try to explain more phenomenon than other theoriesmore ambitious Ex Freudian psychoanalysis theory is very comprehensive bc it tries to explain all aspects of human behaviour All things being equal we would prefer the theory that explains more compared to the one that explains less Comprehensiveness is desiredpurchased at a priceto enhance our explanatory scope we need to introduce moremore constructsvariablesw every new variabletheory becomes more complicatedcomplicated is NOT desirablewe want simple theoriesleast number of variables 5 Parsimony elegant and simple theory w the leastof variablesconstructs tradeoff bn parsimony and comprehensiveness All things being equal we prefer parsimonious theory By introducing more variables we compromise the simplicity of the theory Often we strive to find the right balance bn comprehensive and parsimony Ex Freuds psychoanalytic theory is very comprehensive but it profoundly lacks in parsimony 6 Useful and Generativeicing on cakeutility and generativityafter all other have met Usefulness we prefer a theory that generates solutions to human problems over one that doesnt Its advantageous for basic science to translate into applicationsolution policiestheories should be socially useful that seek to address realworld problems Ex Psychoanalysis and Behaviourism have been useful in Personality and Psychology bc they generated forms of psychotherapyhelps ppl overcome various problems of living All other things being equal we want our theories to be socially useful
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