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Lecture 12 well talk about characteristicstylistic ways in which ppl adapt to their social rolegeographytimespacecurrent environmentetc what are the characteristic ways in which we adapt to our environment take form of motivationalcognitivedevelopmental constructs David C McClelland pioneers of social motivation advisor of text books authors he said motivemotivationneed introduced implicit motive motivational quality in us but OUTSIDE of our own conscious awareness need for achievementpowerintimacy motives and traits are different and can interact for McClelland motive is like a lens to filter qualities that are the most meaningful or relevant to u we all see the world differentlyone of the lenses that is diff is motivational preference motives are different from traits traitsWHATwhat behaviours do ppl typically show ex wut thoughts does someone have what feelings is someone prone to having trait conceptWHYassume behaviour is purposefuldeliberatewe try to find out what are the underlying motives some motives are known to uswe have access to them we can look at ourselves and look at motivesintentions but there are certain motivations that are only partially accessible by usthey lie primarily outside conscious awareness these motives play an imp role in shaping our perceptioncognitionbehaviours motivation does NOT equal conscious intention or trait we use selfreports to determine ppls motives but this doesnt work for things outside conscious awarenessunconsciousimplicit motivations test Thematic Apperception Test TAT by Henry strategystandardized sequence of cards w picsscenes participant looks at the pics and writes a story in response to a series of standardized pics all ppl see the SAME pics in the same order pics dont have fixed stories embedded in themthey are ambiguous strategy wutever the person sees in the cardstory he writes is INTRINSIC to the person and not the card When faced w an ambiguous situation and asked to make meaning of it we rely on our own organization of motivations concerns fears and hopes and we project them onto the stories we create the characters are acting out our underlying hopeswishesthat we have either consciously or unconsciously the charactersstories will reflect the persons motivational concerns bc the cards themselves have NO motivational content ppl project their own issues onto the cards in order to make sense of themthats why theyre called Projective TestsMcClelland Achievement motivemotivation or need for achievement need for achievement is an implicit motivationwe are only partly aware of it as a result we would need to rely on measures of implicit constructs like TAT to access them we can code ppls stories to their thematic imagery related to achievement the more themes related to achievement a that a person writes about the more achievement motivations they have so we need a scoring system to guide us when reading a story and to score as present or absent of themes 1
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