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Marc A Fournier

Lecture 13 human needinvariant psychological universal characterizes all people doesnt differ meaningfully from one person to next st21 century sees humanism united in a singular perspective called Self Determination Theory Edward DeciRyan stthHumanism in 20 centurythird organizing force in North American Psychology Psychology in 20 century was dominated by 3 primary intellectual physicians1 Psychoanalysis dark view of human nature we have little control over human behaviour dark libidinal human urges 2 Behaviourist MovementApproach neutral view of human nature were simply the products of our learning histories neither good or be were what we learned to be 3 Humanistic MovementExistential more optimisticpositive view of humans we are essentially good all of us are on a positive developmental trajectory we come into the world w potentialsdesigned to realize the potentials whether or not we do depends on the environments we are capable of rationalityconscious intentionpurposeautonomous selfregulationconsciously regulate behaviour we have capacities to understand ourselvesworld key figure in Humanistic approachoriginator of Humanistic Approach in clinical psychology Carl Rogers he was trained as a psychotherapist also offered a theory of personality there was a SINGLE motivation underlying all human behaviourto actualizemaintainenhance the organism inside us we have the true selfperson were intended to become we are all in the process of becoming the person were meant to bewere on the existential journey to realize this self some environments will support this others will disrupt it How do we know were taking the right stepschoices to become the person were meant to betrue self Rogers we have a mechanism that informs us as to whether or not were taking growthpromoting stepscalled the Organismic Valuing ProcessOVP little voice that tells us whether were rightwrongintuitive structure that gives feedback to us it is a fundamental capacity we dont need to be told by others whether were making the right choiceslittle voice in us tells usAssuming that the surrounding environment supports ones social and emotional development and presuming we truly listen to our OVP were on the road to becoming a Fully Functioning Person characterizes someone who actualizes their inner potential there are traits that characterize the person whos on the road towards successful psychological development1 Openness to experience different than the 5 factor model fully functioning person is free of the need to defensively distort the reality they experience they can listen attentively and wout anxietyto stimuli win them and from outer environment nondefensive and are receptive to wut reality brings to their attentionbiologicalsocial not overwhelmed w insecurities can confront the reality stability of character to face negative feedbackrejectioncriticism 1
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