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Lecture 10 all aspects of personality develop over the life traitsgoalsmotivesmarital successcontinuitydevelopment how early in life do traits emerge and how similardissimilar they remain over the life course there are many continuity definitions based on context well talk about the Continuity of individual differences or Differential Continuity or Rank Order continuityat any point in time we can rank order people on an attributeex we can rank order them on how extroverted they areneed to know whether this rank stays the same overtimeCoherence is a related idea to continuity but it is distinguishable by coherence we say that what a trait looks like can change as we age ex what extroverted means at age 6 may not look the same at age 56 Coherence acknowledges that the reference for a given construct can change overtime the behaviours that serve to indicate a particular construct may not be identical at 2 different time pointsHow can we infer the underlying stability of personality when its behavioural expression changes Coherence refers to the idea that there can be an underlying structure to our personality that remains the same even though the expression of that attribute in our behaviour changesCan we infer that an underlying attribute remains the same overtime even though its surface appearance seems to change across the life course Heritability to what extent are the individual differences we see bn ppl due to genetic differences bn ppl or due to the differences in terms of the environments theyve experiencedBoth continuity and heritability are conceptually SEPARATE topicsjust cuz its heritable DOESNT mean its continuous Something can be heritable and not continuous and vice versamid 1960s1964director Michael Aptedmade landmark documentary serieswas interested in British social class differences and the extent to which the social class ppl were born into shapeddeterminedpredetermined the various outcomes ppl would experience in life Michael wanted to show how social class determined social outcomes identified 14 British kids 7 yrs oldcohort that varied in social class every 7 yrs he caught up w them study was initially called SEVEN UPkids were sample at 7yrs then 14yrs then 21 then 28up to 49after 2 yrsother data will come 56can see ppl aging in the blink of an eye video for boy named Nickanecdotal sensewe can see powerful signs of continuitysignsindicators that we remain the same over the life courseOne reason we dont rely on anecdotes is bc a single case cant tell us about the continuity of traits in the general population So we rely on data to find about continuity or change in pplPersonality Continuity refers to the stability of individual differences in some attribute Assume the attribute itself doesnt experience any kind of changematuration Ex what we mean by extroversion at age 20 time 1 is not different from what we mean by extroversion at age 50 time 2 1
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