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Marc A Fournier

Lecture 14Intrinsically motivated behaviours occur in absence of external rewards are taken for interestsake they are performed bc they are fun Deci and Ryan postulated that there are certain experiential needs that need to be met in order to engage in intrinsically motivated behaviour there are 3 basic psychological needs autonomy competence and relatedness characterize all experiences for all pplNOT socialization forcescharacterize wut all ppl need in all cultures at all times these are UNIVERSAL needs they dont vary from one person to next no presumed individual differences in need strength some ppl dont have stronger motivations for one need compared to other SelfDetermination Theory Variables related to the environmentsocial or contextual factors that either assist or frustrate people in meeting their needs This theory assumes that need satisfaction cant be taken for granted We cannot take it for granted that our needs will be met We need to rely on the environment to provide the necessary resources in order to satisfy our needsSelfDetermination theorists Deci and Ryan have identified 3 growthpromoting contextual factors that seem to contribute to the satisfaction of basic psychological needs and to personality growth 1 Autonomy Support extent to which the environment offers choices extent to which initiationinnovation are encouraged and the extent to which pressure to perform is minimized Environments differ in how much choices and innovationsinitiations they provide as well as how much the pressure to perform is minimized Environments that are supportive of autonomy help people feel autonomous in their daily functions2 Structure extent to which the contingencies bn behaviours and outcomes are understandable to what extent do u understand that if u behave a certain way a certain outcome will follow to what extent have expectations and guidelines for performance have been made clear to u to what extent is feedback relative to ur performance given A wellstructured environment provides clear expectationsguidelines and regular feedback w respect to ur behaviour Structured environment is important in order to feel competentmeet the need for competence3 Involvement degree of involvement that significant others show towards you in the context in question to what extent do u get the feeling that those in the context care about youabout the context developmentare concerned about ur welfareur progress to the extent that others express this involvement and concern for ur development and well being ur needs to relatedness will be met The ideal environmentcontext provides autonomy support has clear choices a moderate degree of structure gives regular feedback and involvement others are concerned for uur welfaredevelopment There is a triad of factors Ex in an educational environment these 3 contextual factors lead to different experiences Courses differ in how regularly they provide structured feedbackevaluation of performancesex one midterm and final or weekly assignments Email responds also count All these factors will lead to ur overall experiencereflection of course1
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