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Lecture 16 Another significant difference bn Eriksons and Freuds approachFreuds stage model libidinal organization failure to successfully face a challenge win Freuds framework will make u illequipped to move on to the next stage Its possible to handle one stage so poorly that its impossible to move on to other stages So in the Freudian model one stage is a prerequisite for the next psychosexual model u can at some point stop psychological development Eriksons model u will move onto subsequent developmental challenges whether u have succeeded or failed to meet the previous challenges this is a psychosocial modelwe move from one stage to next bc of societal structure and demand society expects us to progress as we age whether were prepared or not Identity Formation to successfully meet the challenges of an identity one needs to explore a variety of alternatives and then one must make ideological and vocational commitments to fully achieve identity Four possible statuses that emerge w respect to identity Achievement Moratorium Foreclosure and Diffusion James Marcia developed a semistructured interview to evaluate identity statuses It asks questions about occupations and ideology and ones exploration and commitment People are then classified into one of the 4 statuseso Achievement category identity achieved people they have met the challenge of thidentity5 stage of development they explored and made commitments Young people who have achieved identity are more academically inclined they receive higher grades in college score higher on TAT measures on achievement motivation not rebellious or conforming and they engage in an executive process of exploring before abiding by various rules o Moratorium people these people are looking for commitments but didnt consolidate them yet we know these people are more on the anxious side friendly likeable sensitive insightful neurotic but agreeable warm but have anxiety o Foreclosed people they made commitments without exploring evidence of commitment and not exploration they have foreclosed ideasmade their choice inherit culturevalue systems from parents they are conditional diligent and traditional they tend to have authoritarian ideology political ideology that values deferencerespect to authority make commitments according to authorityo Diffusion category these people have neither explored nor made any commitments either took on the identity challenge and threw it away or have yet to begin the process hierarchy identity achieved people on top and diffusion at the bottom and moratorium and foreclosed in the middle goal identity achievement theres a natural dialectical relation w the larger society were entering an era where its not ideal to have achieved a confirmed and 1
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