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Lecture 17Week 10Life of Piimportant role narrative plays in weaving a purposeful life as people we are storytellers and story simultaneousAccording to McAdamCant understand a person just by level 1 dispositional traits and level 2characteristic adaptationneed to move on to level 3 life story where all the various aspects of the person are made meaningful organized and a sense of purpose of a human lifeFormation of the life story from infancy to adolescenceo looking at the role of the therapist in creating an environment for the patient to revive or revisit their story o Agency vs CommunionMcAdams approach to understanding the life story is in line with a broad theoretic framework by David Bakn Agency those things that concern the self striving the self to be increasingly expansive and elevatedeg Dominance social rank Power Communion Focus on others as opposed to the self formation of connections and striving for congregation on contact with othersMcAdams the life story becomes a problem in adolescence however in the beginning of ones life the tone of ones life story is set Role of Caregiverprovide an attachment for trust vs Mistrustproduces hope in attaining onces wishes the infant develops an orientation towards the worldwhich sets the tone of the life story the tone is either optimistic or pessimisticToddlerearly childhoodVarious images family life school life religious life creating a building block to the childs life storylater childhood children reason in story termsstory grammarthey known there is a beginning middle and end to every story if there are any violations of the story they would know Stories are a national media through which we convey human intentionsintentions only unfold in a story form TAT method assesses motivationintention by getting people to tell stories Characters in all stories are either striving for something agentic or something communalAdolescencesetting of story is set setting is Ideological NOT GEOGRAPHICALindividuals comes to term with their ideological principalsask questions with moral connotationswhat is good What do I believeDevelop a belief system ideology is an internally consistent set of beliefs what one values and holds to be truetwo ideological directionsideology of justice beliefs value systems put a primacy on human rights and human freedomsrefer to the agentic side of human nature ideology of care beliefvalue systems that put a premium on your responsibility or obligation on other peoplerefer to the communal side of human natureyou can have an ideological system that stresses both justice and care however in situations one might take precedence over the otheryou choose a character that you would be in your life storyIMAGOmain character is usually ourselvesthe role of the IMAGO is integratedincludes various aspects of life eg Father scientist husband etcsome life stories are better than otherswe judge others stories via standardsStory has to be credible consistent with historical facts coherent an understandable beginning middle and end are the characters acting in understandable ways differentiated in terms of themes clearly identifiable themes reconcilesolve competing themes openflexible to change and integrativeintegrating change to your life storyAccording to McAdams the life story provides new information that cannot be discovered from the traits of the personhe argued that there will be no relationship between ones personality traits and ones life storiesResearch To Study LEVEL 1Hypothesis relationship between life story and traits are modest traits of extraversion and neurotocism would be related to the emotional tone of the life story traits of conscientiousness and agreeableness are related to the thematic content of ones life story and openness to
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