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In-Depth Lecture Notes for Final: April 29, 2011.

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Marc A Fournier

Lecture 14: last class was intrinsic behaviour - for interest sake (fun), without external reward. Deci and Ryan - needs . 3 basic psychological needs of the species. [ACR] Needs motivate the self to initiate behaviour. o autonomy - choice over your own actions. o competence - masteryeffectiveness - can extract needs from the environemt. o relatednessconnected to others - connection with people, for people. self-determination - social contextual factors, in the pursuit of their needs. EnvironmentContextual factors: Autonomy support - environment can differ, initiation they encourage and pressures to perform are minimalized. = supportive of autonomy. Structure - contingencies btwn beh. and outcomes certain way, certain outcome will follow. Expectations and guidelines. Feedback. The need of competence. Involvement - do they care about your well-fare. Needs for relatedness will be met. Need satisfaction and growth. more empathy and sympathy need for competence and overall exp. Self - determination theorists say: must rely on the environment and need satisfaction depends on them, there is the plant analogy: human growth is like other living things. If deprived of needs they die. Psychological needs work in the same way, exp of needs and experiences they will languish like a plant. The integrity and mentality are from these nutrients. Motivated behaviours: Intrinsic - things for fun. Extrinsic - because of rewards and punishments attached to them. this is a wide gap. There is a range in btwn them people say. Self is constructed from the self - regulations to the self who we are, take external to bring a part of who we are and less external pressure on us. = Internalization. (external regulation and bringing it inside the self, of who you are). There are degrees of internalizing -- 3 compelling levels were made. o External regulation - to stay out of jail, punishers and rewards in the environment. o Introjections motivation - external becomes partially incorporated in the self. Acting in accord with extrinsic contingency, internal reward or punishment - guiltyworriedashamed. o Identification - extrinsic contin. fully internalized in the self, doing it because its important, not fun but I personally endorse the value of it. You dont need to change the self completely for this to work. o Integrated regulation - fully externalized extrinsic contin. + it organizes your life completely. rearrange your entire life. self-determination = appearanceao ufthenticity, behaviour from inside. Feelings we attach to behaviours and true sense of self and we feel we are authors of the behaviour. with integrity and cohesion - unity and wholeness when we engage in self-determined ways. Daily Diary Approach: o ReisSheldon - btwn person (trait) comparison: one grp happyother is not. o & Within Person (d2day) comparisons: what accounts for my happiness on dbyd basis. sense of needs are not fulfilled. the daily diary indicated what activities during the day, they had to rate how competence, related and autonomous they felt, in their subjected feelings they felt. needs satisfaction and well being; they posed the question the needs satisfaction predict wellbeing. they compared one person to another, in btwn person comparisons. allowed how needs satisfaction fluctuates from one activity to the next, 14 day study. measures of need satisfactio n level of activity, within person. Three separate and generally autonomous, related and competent you felt. Multi-dimensional; loneliness and connected to how related you feel to how your functioning in general of need satisfaction = general factor of wellbeing.
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