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Lecture 16 - for the final

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Marc A Fournier

Lecture 16 Identity status classification was pioneered by James Marcia. He administered questionnaires and based on the responses, classified people into one of the 4 states of identity formation. Identity Achievement State The Pathmakers these are the people who have met the challenge of identity formation. Moratorium State The Searchers - Their statements insinuate an exploratory process, but at the same time they are yet to make any commitments. These individuals tend to be on the anxious side, but are also warm and friendly. They have a certain existential anxiety from having not yet figured it out yet. Foreclosure State The Guardians (of culture) - They have made commitments without having done any exploration. They are the guardians of a particular culture, the preservers, because they take on their parents teachings without question and faithfully reproduce it. They tend to be traditional, diligent and proper, and they tend to have authoritarian ideologies; valuing deference to authority. Diffusion State The Drifters - Not a lot of intellectual work going on in the case of Diffusion, either because the person has refused to take on the process of identity formation altogether, or they are yet to engage in it. It may come instinctively to us to organize this as a hierarchy, where the end goal is the formation of identity. However, in todays world, it may not be entirely beneficial to us to have formed a completely achieved identity. Perhaps the people approaching the 21 st century in a moratorium are in a bit of an advantage, considering that there are so many ideologies and political view points, that its perhaps best no to have made up your mind so firmly about what is good, and what is true. Intimacy follows identity, and it will follow it whether we have achieved identity formation or not. Erikson saw intimacy as opening up to anything that is alien, foreign, or outside the ego and so he classified a variety of intimate relationships, among them: Close friendships, Romantic relationships, Psychoanalytic experiences, etc. Erikson classified psychoanalysis as an intimate experience because, in his view, the patient was not only disclosing intimate details to the therapist, but heshe was also discovering himherself in the process, so it was an intimate relationship with ones self as well.
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