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Lecture 19 - notes for final

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Marc A Fournier

Lecture 19 Parapraxes Freudian slips of the tongue Freud was introduced at the beginning of the course to illustrate an example of a personality theory. Although the Freudian view is now obsolete, it offered a structural, detailed, unifying theory of personality behaviour and development. From a structural view, he distinguished between 3 levels of the psyche: Id, Ego, Superego. He also made a dynamical distinction between the conscious self, the preconscious and the unconscious mind. There are some tensions between these levels, as anxiety provokes thoughts and urges, and then these become repressed into the unconscious. From a developmental view, Freud defined the oral, anal, phallic, latent and genital phases, each involving the organization of the libido around a particular erogenous zone. Classic personality theory tried to explain all the personality differences and commonalities, while contemporary personality theory tends to be much more limited in scope. Freud left a legacy that deserves respect he introduced the talking cure as an extension of his theorizing about personality. Psychotherapy has demonstrated its efficacy in treating a wide range of conditions. Even though most clinical psychologists are now not trained in psychotherapy, every good clinician incorporates into hisher experience a good chunk of Freudian thinking, particularly, the importance of early childhood development and attachment experiences, the fact that people come to therapy when they are at their most desperate, and that even thought they come to therapy wholeheartedly wanting your help, their unconscious mind will do everything possible to undermine the therapeutic process. Basic instincts that underlie human behaviour, in Freuds view are sex and aggression. Everything we do is an unconscious manifestation of either sex (LibidoEros) or aggression (Phanitose). The idea of defence mechanisms is essential to Freudian thought. Repression (that which is intolerable to the self, we simply push out of awareness) is the first line of defence, but when it fails, theres a whole suite of secondary mechanisms
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