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Marc A Fournier

Lecture 13 mon mar 711 Self-Determination- Week 8 (PART I) rd ClassicalHumanism: 3 organizing force in psychology. 1 psychoanalysis (unconscious force govern behavior [libinalego force]), 2 behaviourism; clinical view (neither good nor bad, but product of learning histories [operant associative learning mechanisms). Product of our history HUMANISM Humanistic POV: optimistic view; human are good. We have potentials and designed to live up to potentials. Its the environment nourishing the person who occupies it. Views the human being as rational, purposeful and autonomous, capable of creativity and experiencing deep and profound insights into reality. [give far more credit that we consciously and autonomously self regulation] A viable viewpoint on human nature that is distinctive from both psychoanalysis and behaviorism. Psychoanalyitic :Humans fundamentally blind to own motivation CARL ROGERS Psycho-therapist. Offered a theory of personality. The organism has but one basic tendency and strivingto actualize, maintain, and enhance the experiencing organism. (Rogers, 1951) inside each of us is a true self; person we are intended to become. True self inside us always. There are environments that enforce this and derail this. How do we know we take the proper growth promoting steps? Oraganismic Valuing Process (OVP) Humans have a fundamental capacity(built into species) to perceive the growth-relevant implications of their experiences and choices. Little voice inside your head that assures your doing the right thing. People need far less advise. Rogers believed that there is an intuitive system that gives us feedback to tell us what we are doing is good or bad. Ex) broken up with someone, ambivalent in deciding whether or not to get back with the person. You may not growand thrive. Theres is a voice inside that will tell you if the relationship is meaningful.
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