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Marc A Fournier

PSYB30 Monday, March 14, 2011 Lecture 15 -class average on midterm was just under 60% -office hours for prof! -midterm viewing will be held TBA Life-Span Development -Erikson; trained as a psychoanalyst -8 stages of man -2 life tasks that distinguished his thinking; stages concerning identity thought adolescence and early adulthood -generativitiy; the later stage -theory of psychosocial development -one of his primary achievements was to reformulate Freuds idea of psychosexual development into a lifelong theory of psychosocial development; -2 distinguishing features; the way Erikson appropriates and re-conceptualizes each of Freuds stages -and how he extends the period of development beyond childhood into middle and later adulthood -born Erik Homburger; father abandoned him and his mother -mother remarried a physician -born a Jew and a protestant and found himself accepted by neither community -in early 20s began to travel as an artist living like a gypsy -in 25 landed in Vienna; took a teaching position at a school were there was a community of psychoanalysts; Including Freud and his daughter (?) -clients would come to receive psychotherapy ; when the mothers came they would being their children -Erikson accepted a position in a school where these children went -Anna Freud was his therapist; you must undergo psychoanalysis before you can become a psychoanalyst -goes to the US -renamed himself Erik Erikson when he came to US; saw himself as producing his own identity -2 key ideas that underlie much of his thinking 1-the epigenetic principle -idea that personality is designed to unfold over a predetermined series of developmental stages -each stage confronts is with a particular developmental task or issue or challenge which must be addressed -we must confront it but we will not necessarily succeed
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