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University of Toronto Scarborough
Diane Mangalindan

Sample Questions 1. Twenty-month old Sabrina is placed in front of a mirror with a spot of rouge on her nose. Sabrina will most likely: A. Touch her nose to wipe off the spot. B. Touch the image of her nose in the mirror because she wants to wipe the spot off of her own nose. C. Touch the spot on the mirror because she wonders why that other child has a spot on her nose. D. Crawl away from the mirror because she does not recognize herself with the spot on her nose. 2. Zieber et al. (2013) examined whether 6.5-month old infants were able to perceive emotions through body movements and whether they were able to match the movements with the corresponding emotional vocalizations. The researchers found that the infants displayed a significant preference for the congruent video. What is the implication of this finding? A. Infants need both visual and auditory stimuli to discriminate emotions. B. Infants have sophisticated emotion processing capacities early in life. C. Infants are better in disc
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