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University of Toronto Scarborough
Konstantine Zakzanis

PSYB32 Final Exam Notes Chapter 11 Schizophrenia psychotic disorder chracterised by major disturbances u thought emotion and behaviour ideas are not logically relatedmost sever psychopathology 0225 prevalence asaun populations have the lowest population have the lovest prevalence rates usually appears in late adolescence or early adulthood comorbid with personality disorderavoidant paranoid depedndent and antisocial childhood conduct disorder is a potent disorder Symptoms involve disturbances in several major areas thought perception and attentionmotor behaviour affect or emotion and life functioningPositive symptoms comprmises excesses or distortions sucha s disordganized speech hallucination and delusions presence of too much behaviour Disorganized thought disorder refers to problems in organizing ideas and in speaking so that a listner can understandincoherence speech that is disordered are called loose association or derailment does not discriminate well between schizophrenia and other psychoses Delusions beliefs held contrary to reality persecutory delusions are founf in 65 of a cross sectional studyHallucination sensory expeiences int eh absence of any stimulation from theenvironmentNegative SymtomsoConsist of behavioural defecits such as avolitionalogiaanhedoniaflat affect and asociality all of which are described belowendure beyond an acute episode and have profound effecrs on people livesoAvolition or apathy refers to a lack of energy and a seeming absence of interest in or an inability to persisit inattentive to grooming and personal hygieneoAlogia can take several formskin poverty of speech and the sheer amount of speech oAnheodonia inability to experience pleasire lack of interesr in recreational activities failure to develop close relationsjip with others oFlat effect virtually no stimulus acan elicit an emotional response stare vacantlyflat and toneless voice found in a majority of people with schizophrenia oAsociality severly impaired social relationships few friends pooor social skillsand little interesr iun being with other people Other symptoms oCatatonia defined by severall motor abnormlaites gesture repeatedly using peculiar and sometimes complex sequences of finger Hand and arm movements that often seem to be purposeful odd as they may beoCatatonic immobility unusual postures and maintain them for a very long periods of time
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