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Chandan Narayan

ch1Student 1Which of the following words best describes the focus of the study of human developmentAchangeBchildhoodCinfancyDrelationships2The modern era of studying children has a history of approximatelyA50 yearsB100 yearsC150 yearsDless than 25 years3The National Organization of Canadian Psychologists was formedyears after the United States AssociationA26 yearsB36 yearsC46 yearsD56 years4James Baldwin published papers on such topics as handedness and imitation His main subjects waswereAchildren from poor familiesBchildren from white middle class familiesChis sonDhis daughter5The Institute for Child Study in Toronto was initially headed by William Blatz He became known for a famous study in child development This study was based onAtwin studies in the Toronto areaBgender differences in ChildrenCthe Dionne quintupletsDthe Dwyer family6The term used to describe the biological processes assumed to govern development isAheredityBpredestinationCmaturationDnature7When Tamika learns the first part of the multiplication table she has shown development in aprocessAbiologicalBcognitiveCsocioemotionalDpersonality8Kwame got angry because Harry took his toy without asking and he punched Harry in the arm kwames response reflects the role ofprocesses in his developmentAbiologicalBcognitiveCsocioemotionalDindividualistic9A girl who is large for her age may not have many friends This is an example of interaction between which two types of developmentAphysical and cognitiveBcognitive and psychosocialCpersonality and psychosocialDphysical and psychosocial10The child who is best thought of as engaging in a cognitive process is the one who isAgripping his bottleBwetting her pantsClearning to speak FrenchDexpressing anger because her friend just told her that she could not be in his play11In trying to understand influences on development today developmental psychologists focus onAthe interplay between biology and environmentBthe interplay between biology and natureCthe interplay between nurture and environmentDthe interplay between predetermination and predestination12If Arnold Gesell were alive today he would most likely explain the phenomenon of failure to thrive in terms ofAa motherinfant bondingBfamily dysfunctionCdietary factorsDphysiological predisposition13Psychologists who emphasize the importance of maturation in development would typically focus on which of the following to explain developmentAgood prenatal careBgenetic strengths and defectsCadequate amounts of nutritious foodsDgood educational experiences14In your psychology course you are discussing nature versus nurture issues in cognitive development You support the role of maturation in speed of cognitive processing ieinfluencesAgeneticBenvironmentalCparentalDgenerational15Its no use putting her in a special educational program Mishas dad explained patiently She just cant understand things very well Her grandpa was the same way We might as well get used to it now Mishas dad seems toAview development as a discontinuous processBhold a nurture view of developmentCview development as a continuous processDhold a nature view of development16Nurture is to experience as nature is toAmaturationBedificationClearningDthe environment17If one views development as a dance between a child and various others one is inferring that the childAis passive in its development quietly absorbing the different rhythms movements and beatsBdirects its own development independent of all othersCplays an active role in her development being both modified and modifierDhas a predisposition for music and exhibits this in her behaviours with adults18When development is viewed as consisting of a series of discrete distinct steps it is said to beAcontinuousBdiscontinuousCatypicalDactive19The continuitydiscontinuity controversy involves the debate about whether development isAgradual or comes in distinct stagesBmost influenced by experiences during infancy or those later in lifeCprimarily influenced by biology or the environmentDinfluenced by all of the above20The ability to engage in thoughtful reflectiveness seems to happen all of a sudden But if one carefully examines it this ability is actually based on an accumulation of experiences across many years This explanation supports aview of developmentAnatureBnurtureCcontinuousDdiscontinuous21A tadpole becoming a frog is an example ofAcontinuity in developmentBnurtures role in developmentCdiscontinuity in developmentDdevelopmental stability22Insects go through egg larval and adult stages of development These stages best illustrate which characteristic of developmentAchangeBstabilityCinstabilityDdiscontinuity23Which of the following statements best characterizes the view that development is a discontinuous processADuring adolescence an individual moves from not being able to think abstractly about the world to being able to do soBPuberty is a gradual process occurring over several yearsCEven though extreme environments can depress development basic growth tendencies are wired into human beingsDIf infants experience negative events in their lives those experiences can be overcome by later more positive experiences24In order to resolve the issue concerning the importance of situational versus individual characteristics many psychologists focus onAthe interaction between the twoBthe dominant characteristicCthe impact of genderDmanifestation of characteristics during critical or sensitive periods of development
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