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Chandan Narayan

ch7Student 1According to Halliday languageAserves one purpose that of communicationBis unable to help children understand their emotionsCinterferes with the development of imagination and fantasyDhas many purposes ranging from behavioural control to environmental exploration2Language involves both the production of sounds and the ability to comprehend speech These two aspects of language are known asandlanguage respectivelyAproductive receptiveBproductive comprehensiveCreceptive productiveDoral comprehensive3The area of language which describes the system of sounds for grammar or how the basic sound units are put together to form words isAgrammarBpragmaticsCphonologyDsyntax4Sam works with a speech language pathologist because he has difficulty pronouncing certain basic sounds When he wants to say truck for instance what comes out is something that sounds like duck Sams problem is apparently withAsyntaxBgrammarCphonologyDmorphology5Basic sounds such as th are calledAvowelsBsyllablesCmorphemesDphonemes6The shortest speech unit in which a change produces a change in meaning eg bag and bat is aAmorphemeBphonemeCsyntaxDmorphology7The basic sounds of an infants native language are called AgraphemesBphonemesCphoneticsDmorphemes8The study of the meaning of words and of sentences is known asAgrammarBphonologyCmorphologyDsemantics9Which term is semantically related to the word shrubArubBbushChouseDgarden10The sentence The mobile laughed at the baby until she cried violates the language rule ofAsyntaxBpragmaticsCsemanticsDphonology11The sentence The carpet walked with the girl to buy something at the store isAsemantically correct but syntactically incorrectBmorphologically correct but semantically incorrectCsyntactically correct but semantically in correctDpragmatically incorrect but semantically correct12Ais the smallest meaningful unit of adult speechAsyntaxBphonemeCnounDmorpheme13How many morphemes are in the word farmerA1B2C3D414The prefix mono is aAphonemeBmorphemeCvowelDconsonant15By examining the kinds of words children acquire and how they use them insights can be gained into the way children attach meaning to words or a childsdevelopmentAvocabularyBsemanticCphonologicalDpragmatic16Syntax and morphology are the two major facets ofAphonologyBsemanticsCgrammarDpragmatics17Mindy who is 24 months old is beginning to speak in sentences with articles and prepositions She is developingAholophraseBsyntaxCoverextensive speechDtelegraphic speech18The rules for forming acceptable sentences are part of a languagesAsyntaxBsemanticsCmorphologyDpragmatics19Which Englishspeaking adolescent would most likely know who is getting hit in the sentence George was hit by JohnAone who understands syntaxBone who understands displacementCone who understands generativityDone who understands morphology20A child learns how nouns verbs adjectives and prepositions go together to form acceptable sentences The child is learningAsyntaxBphonologyCpragmaticsDsemantics21An adjective usually precedes a noun in the English language whereas adjectives typically follow nouns in Spanish This creates difficulty for individuals trying to learn another language A person familiar with various aspects of language would realize that the problem is the result of differentialAphonemesBpragmaticsCsyntaxDsemantics22The area of language which recognizes that much of language cannot be understood without knowledge of the context and setting in which it occurs isAphonologyBsemanticsCgrammarDpragmatics23Which is NOT an aspect of pragmaticsAtaking turns in conversationBusing polite languageCpronouncing your words correctlyDtelling convincing lies24The use of appropriate conversation and knowledge underlying the use of language in context is calledAsyntaxBsemanticsCpragmaticsDphonology25When children learn to use their quiet voices in the library they are learning rules ofAsyntaxBsemanticsCpragmaticsDphonology
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