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Chandan Narayan

ch9Student 1Which of the following models of cognitive development emerged from a comparison between the workings of the human mind and the computerAneoPiagetian approachBecological modelCartificial intelligence perspectiveDinformation processing model2The information processing model of cognitive development compares the workings of theand the Acomputer typewriterBhuman mind computerCsynapses neurotransmittersDchilds mind adults mind3Theorists who advocate the information processing approach in the study of cognitive development use the computer as aAprimary tool for data analysisBsimulator in lieu of human experimentationCmetaphor or model of human thoughtDdepository of developmental information4What approach to thinking emphasizes the processes involved in thinking focuses on precise analysis of change mechanisms and advocates careful task analysesAsocial learningBcognitive monitoringCcognitive developmentalDinformation processing5What is central to the information processing modelAmemoryBthinkingCboth memory AND thinkingDneither memory NOR thinking6Dr Kane is an information processing theorist while Dr Hodkin is a Piagetian theorist In a debate concerning child development the one thing that they might agree on would be the importance ofAcomputer simulations as a way to model human thoughtBattention and memory as the two basic drives of intelligenceCassuming that adults and infants think in virtually the same wayDrealizing that current knowledge affects ones ability to acquire new knowledge7Which of the following statements is NOT true according to the information processing modelAThe human mind is limited in the amount and nature of information it can processBChanges occur in childrens mental systems as they ageCThe human mind is a system that processes information through the use of rules and strategiesDChildren experience neural regeneration as they acquire knowledge8Which of the following is NOT characteristic of the information processing modelAThinking is information processingBChange mechanisms impact upon cognitive developmentCCognitive development is driven by the process of self modificationDThe nature of t cognitive task to be performed is largely irrelevant to the childs performancehe9Change mechanisms in cognitive development include all but AgroupingBstrategy constructionCautomatizationDgeneralization10A well known advocate of the Information Processing Model is ARobbie SieglerBJean PiagetCLev VygotskyDAlfred Binet11 is are encoding automatization strategy construction and generalizationAThinkingBChange mechanismsCSelf modificationDall of these12From the information processing approach what process is a child using when knowledge and strategies previously acquired from problem solutions are employed to modify responses to new situations or problemsAgeneralizationBself modificationCadaptationDbasic analysis13The flow of information is the primary focus of which approach to cognitive developmentAinformation processingBPiagetianCneoPiagetianDVygotskyian14According to the store model proposed by Atkinson and Shiffrin 1968 information processing involves three separate memory stores which areAsensory register shortterm memory and longterm memoryBsensory register sensory store and sensory retrievalCsensory store temporary storage and classificationDattention recognition and storage15Where are permanent memories storedAworking memoryBlongterm memoryCsensory memoryDdeepprocessed memory16Working memory is also calledAsensory memoryBautobiographical memoryCshortterm memoryDlongterm memory17Which of the following best describes microgenetic analysisAselfmodifying processBprocesses of change that underlie a childs physical developmentCa very detailed examination of a childs genetic makeupDa very detailed examination of how a child solves a problem18Error analysis is used to understandAthe errors children make in gathering informationBthe errors children make in understanding memoriesCthe errors children make in comprehending tasksDall of these19An assumption of the information processing model is that childrens thought processes do not qualitatively change with development rather children become morein using these processesAefficientBcomplexCactiveDinvolved20Which of the following information handling processes wouldnt be of interest to an advocate of the information processing modelAencoding and representationBstrategy constructionCobject permanenceDautomatization21NeoPiagetians believe that Piagets theory shouldAhave at least seven stages of development rather than only fourBgive more detail about how children learn to solve conservation problemsCgive more emphasis to how children use attention memory and strategiesDreduce the emphasis on assimilation and accommodation22The process of changing information that has reached the sensory register into a mental representation is referred to asAencodingBrepresentationCassimilationDconstruction23When Rosie first learned how to play the piano she frequently had to stop to figure out which note went with which key However after many months of lessons and practicing she no longer finds herself doing this Information processing theorists refer to this asAa strategyBgeneralizationCautomatizationDencoding24When Glenda bought her Porsche learning to shift gears was not easy With practice however she became extremely proficient in driving and the initial difficulty of the task disappeared Information processing theorists refer to this asAa strategyBgeneralizationCautomatizationDencoding25An executive control structure does all butAdirect the intake of informationBselect the strategies applied to the problemCimplement the strategies chosenDmonitor the success of the strategies
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