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Konstantine Zakzanis

May people in western Europe were subject to hysterical states Mesmer believed that it was caused by particular distribution of a universal magnetic fluid in the body o He would take various rocks and touch afflicted parts of his patients bodies, it was believed to transmit animal magnetism and adjust the distribution of the universal magnetic fluid (thus, removing the hysteria disorder) o His approach was more hypnosis type Charcot was important in reviving interest in psychogenesis o He later became interested in non-physiological interpretations of these very puzzling phenomena Breuer later treated a women with hysteria through hypnosis, and found that the patient felt better having relaxed (known as the cathartic method) Canadian Perspectives 1.2: The Mental Hospital in Canada: The twentieth century and into the new millennium The provincial hospitals became very crowded Sometimes there was not enough treatments for all the patients Drugs became the central means of treatment Institutions in Canada also started to become inhuman due to the lack of resources The goal in Canada was to shift care into the psychiatric units associated with general hospitals and into the community In 1980-90s there was a trend of deinstitutionalization that continued But most deinstitutionalized people were left in poverty or prison Deinstitutionalization: to release (a mentally or physically handicapped person) from a hospital, asylum, home, or other institution with the intention of providing treatment, support, or rehabilitation primarily through community resources under the supervision of health-care professionals or facilities Only 3% of the Canadian budget went to provincial mental health budgets as of 1990 (most mental health money go to hospitals via global budgets and to physicians for free service) Patients receive little individual psychosocial treatment The psychiatric hospitals are old, grim and removed from major metropolitan centers But they are much better than the ones in US Private hospitals tend to be better than those of state hospitals because o The private hospitals have more money ($1000per for a patient) o Canada more comparable to theses private hospitals than the state hospitals There is also a special mental hospital sometimes called prison or forensic hospital (reserved for people who have done a criminal act, but judged as not criminally responsible due to their mental disorder) o Their lives are controlled by guards and tight security o There are 3 in Canada Investigators found that 80-90% of patients waking hours is with NO contact with staff
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