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Zachariah Campbell

CH: 12 ELIMINATING INAPPROPRIATE BEHAVIOR THROUGH PUNISHMENT The principle of punishment Punisher is an event that when presented immediately following a behavior causes the behavior to decrease in frequency. Punishers are sometimes referred to as aversive stimuli or simply aversive. Once an event has been determined to function as a punisher for particular behavior of individual in a particular situation that event can be used to decrease other behaviors of that individual in other situations Associated with concept of punisher is the principle of punishment: if in a given situation somebody does something that is immediately followed by a punisher then that person is less likely to do the same thing again when heshe encounters a similar situation meaning of punishment for behavior modifiers is quite specific & differs from the meaning of the word punishment for most laypersons in our general culture ex: sending a person to jail as punishment for committing a crime 1. going to jail is not like to be an immediate consequence of committing the crime 2. many individual believe that punishment should involve retribution 3. In general culture punishment is applied in part as a deterrent to potential wrong doers. For behavior modifiers punishment is simply a technical word referring to the application of an immediate consequence following a behavior of individual that has the effect of decreasing the like hood of future instances of that behavior in that individual. Types of punisher Many kinds of events when delivered as immediate consequences for behavior fit our definition of punisher. Most can be classified into the following categories; a) pain-inducing punisher b) reprimands c) time-outs
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