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Zachariah Campbell

BEHAVIOUR MODIFICATION Chapter 1- Introduction to Behaviour Modification - principles and procedures used to understand and change human behaviour - between behaviour and change o ex. Francisco was gaining a lot of weight, decided to do something. Joined weight loss plan, he deposited a certain amount of money. He made a daily plan and if he reached the target then hed get his deposit back if he didnt they would take away some of his money as a result he lost weight. Defining Human Behaviour - Characteristics that define behaviour; 1. Behaviour; what people do and say, involves a persons actions. Saying someone is angry isnt a behaviour but labelling a behaviour, what the person does because of that ex what person does cause heshe is angry is called a behaviour. - 2. Dimensions of Behaviour; there are three dimensions; 1. Duration= time or instance from which the behaviour starts to stops. 2. Frequency= how often the behaviour occurs. 3. Intensity= physical force involved in the behaviour ex. Bench pressing or doing push ups. - 3. Behaviours can be observed (action therefore can be observed), described and recorded (if observed hence seen can be described, and record its occurrence) by others or person engaged in behaviour. - 4. Behaviours have impact on the environment; social and physical. Behaviour is an action which involves movement through space and time. Physically the occurrence of a behaviour impacts environment (ex. Turning light switch on and off, raising hand in class hence teacher picks on you, recite phone number likely you will dial the right number). - 5. Behaviour is Lawful; occurrence influenced by environment, behaviour occurs as a function of environmental events. Basic principle is the environment causes the behaviour, and to change behaviour you have to alter environmental events - 6. Behaviours can Overt or Covert; overt- behaviour that can be observed or recorded that can be seen by others. Covert (private events)= not observable to others ex. Thinking. Defining Behaviour Modification - Behaviour modification is the field of psychology concerned with analyzing and modifying human behaviour. o Analyzing- identifying functional relationship between environment and behaviour to understand reason for behaviour or to determine why person behaved the way they did o Modifying- developing and implementing procedures to help people change their behaviour which include altering environmental events to influence behaviour. Developed by professionals to change socially significant behaviours. Characteristics of Behaviour Modification - Focus on Behaviour; DEEMPHASIZES labelling focuses on changing behaviour not on personal traitcharacteristic*****.
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