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Konstantine Zakzanis

Lec 11 Prob=problem - Behavior skills training (BST)- typically used for skills that are not too difficult to learn or can be learned errorless with difficulty e.g. pple with developmental delay but these pple can hear instructions and can include them in their behavior repertoire. - Ex. Teaching safety skills- by using BST; establish wht relevant SDs are? so that any relevance to SD in future can invoke target behavior. We want to reinforce every instance that they engage in. - we can also use BST to instill so other pple don’t use us for their advantage. E.g assertiveness in secretary’s job. - If a child has behavioral prob, parents do their best to get them involve in positive behavior. - If a person can use the steps in groups instead of segmented like in chaining, then we can do that with BST. - Sometimes seeing other pple role playing helps. Components of BST Modeling - Teach a child how to escape when there is a fire. - Parents is gonna show the child physically how to escape by moving along the floor where there is no smoke. - Throughout the entire life, whenever we imitate, we get praised. - We get benefit from behavior skills procedures. - The model shud have the respect from who he is learning from. If modeling is not effective, go to other approaches e.g chaining. - We wanna ensure that if a situation arises in future, they can use these skills. - We want them to learn it in all the situations. Thus the more situations in which you apply that SD in, the more effective it is. It is imp for the person to get involved. - They shud know why it is imp to learn the target behavior, so you can successfully teach them. - Use variety of situation that this person is likely to experience. Instruction - It is imp to operationally define the behavior. - We describe anteceded situation where gets
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