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University of Toronto Scarborough
Amanda Uliaszek

PSYB45:BEHAVIORMODIFICATION WINTER2013 Professor:Amanda A. Uliaszek, Ph.D. OfficeHour:Thursdays 1-2 SW 405 TeachingAssistants:Nadia Al-Dajani and Zenya Brown OfficeHour:Fridays 11-12 SW406 CourseInformation:LEC001: Fridays 12-3 AA112; LEC60: WebOption provided Courseemail:[email protected] RequiredReadingMaterial:Applied Behavior Analysis: Principles and Procedures for Modifying Behavior, by Edward Sarafino Additional required readings will be available through Blackboard Blackboard All course information including the syllabus and assigned readings will be available on the Blackboard system. Exam grades, course announcements, and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) will also be found on Blackboard. Finally, all class emails will be sent through Blackboard; thus, please be sure your listed email address is correct. CourseEmail All inquiries regarding the course, exams, office hours, lectures, etc. should be sent to the course email address: [email protected] . Any emails sent to the personal email addresses of Dr. Uliaszek, Nadia, or Zenya will be deleted. In addition, any email asking for information already listed in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) or in the syllabus will be deleted. FrequentlyAskedQuestions(FAQs) A list of FAQs can be found on Blackboard. Please check this list before sending an email. This list will be updated regularly and will answer many of the common questions that students have regarding this class. You can find the FAQs under Announcements on Blackboard. CourseRequirements MidtermExam:Students will complete a multiple-choice exam approximately halfway through the course (time and place TBA). The exam will not exceed two hours. This exam will be worth 50% of the final grade. FinalExam:Students will complete a multiple-choice exam during finals week (time and place TBA). The exam will not exceed two hours. This exam will be worth 50% of the final grade. ClassSchedule Date Topics Reading Jan 11 Defining Behavior/Areas of Application Chapters 1, 2, 4 Jan 18 Data Usage and Functional Assessment Chapters 3, 13 Jan 25 Respondent Conditioning Chapters 21, 22 Feb 1 Implementing Respondent Conditioning Chapters 23, 24 Feb 8 Implementing Respondent Conditioning Chapters 25, 2
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