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Chapter 7 Stimulus Control Discrimination and GeneralizationChapter OutlineExamples of Stimulus ControlDefining Stimulus ControlDeveloping Stimulus Control Stimulus Discrimination TrainingDiscrimination Training in the LaboratoryDeveloping Reading and Spelling with Discrimination TrainingStimulus Discrimination Training and PunishmentThe Three Term ContingencyStimulus Control ResearchGeneralizationExamples of GeneralizationChapter SummaryKey TermsPractice TestAppendix AChapter 7 Quiz 1Chapter 7 Quiz 2Chapter 7 Quiz 3Ideas for Class Activities1 Provide interesting everyday examples of stimulus control describing the antecedent behavior and consequence Din each example Have students identify the S the Sdelta and the reinforcer in each example2 Have students think about their activities in a typical day and write down five examples of different behaviors Dand the ABCs of these behaviors Have students identify the S and reinforcer for each behavior and describe how the behavior was developed through the process of discrimination trainingAnswers to Practice Test Questions1An antecedent stimulus is a stimulus or event that precedes the occurrence of an operant responseFor example Ms Wimer calls on Kiran when he raises his hand to answer a question in classKiran always provides the correct answer to Ms Wimers questionKirans raised hand is the antecedent stimulus which precedes Ms Wimers behavior of calling on himCalling on Kiran is reinforced by Kirans providing the correct answer2A behavior continues to occur in those situations where it has been reinforced in the past and stops occurring in those situations where it has not been reinforced or has been punished in the past3Stimulus control is defined as the increased probability that a behavior will occur only in the presence of a specific antecedent stimulus or a stimulus from a specific stimulus class4The following example illustrates stimulus control Eating with his hands at the fraternity house is reinforced because Johns friends laugh at this behaviorHowever eating with his hands at a restaurant is punished by disapproving looks from othersAs a result John only eats with his hands when at the fraternity houseD5An S discriminative stimulus is defined as the antecedent stimulus that is present when a behavior is reinforcedAn S Sdelta is any antecedent stimulus that is present when the behavior does not get reinforced6The process of reinforcing a behavior only when a specific antecedent stimulus discriminative stimulus is present is called stimulus discrimination trainingThe following two steps are involved in stimulus discrimination 67
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