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PSYB45 NotesChap 6 Punishment y Punishment the person engaged in a behaviour and there was an immediate consequence that made it less likely that the person would repeat the behaviour in similar situations in the futurey Punishment is o A particular behaviour occurs o A consequence immediately follows the behaviour o As a result the behaviour is less likely to occur again in the futurey Punisher aversive stimulus a consequence that makes a particular behaviour less likely to occur in the future must decrease the frequency of the behaviour it followso Ex spanking and scolding are not considered punishers if they do not decrease the frequency of the problem behaviour in the futureHowever because the child temporarily stops the problem behaviour when they are spankedscolded this serves as negative reinforcement for the parent y The difference between positive punishment and negative punishment is determined by the consequence of the behaviouro Positive Punishment presents an aversive stimulus to decrease the likelihood of the behaviour taking place in the futureo Negative Punishment removes a reinforcing stimulus toy A form of positive punishment is based on the Premack Principle When a person is made to engage in a low probability behaviour stand up and sit down 10 times contingent on a high probability behaviour hitting a classmate the high probability behaviour will decrease in frequency less hitting
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