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PSYB57 NotesChap 8 Respondent Conditioning y Operant Behaviours are controlled by their consequences Operant Conditioning involves the manipulation of consequences Respondent Behaviours are controlled elicited by antecedent stimuli Respondent Conditioning involves the manipulation of antecedent stimuliy Certain types of stimuli elicit specific types of bodily responses or Unconditioned Responses UR A UR occurs in all healthy people when an Unconditioned Stimulus US or antecedent stimulus is presented o Humans have evolved to respond to USs because the URs have survival value Ex salivating when there is food in the mouth or blinking when air hits the eyey Respondent conditioning occurs when a previously neutral stimulus NS is paired with an US thereby making the NS a Conditioned Stimulus CS and eliciting a Conditioned Response CR that is similar to the URy Ideally the US meat powder should occur immediately after the onset of the NS metronomey There are different possible temporal relationships between the NS and the US o Trace conditioning the NS precedes the US but the NS ends before the US is presentedo Delay conditioningthe NS is presented and then the US is presented before the NS endso Simultaneous conditioning the NS and the US are presented at the same timeo Backward conditioning the US is presented before the NSy Of thesetypes of relationships trace and delay conditioning work the best
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